Fast & Accurate Health Insurance Quoting

Insurance Skout provides instant quotes for an instant age. Today’s employers want more than just quotes – which a spreadsheet can’t do. Skout assists in areas like: medical benefit information, census management and so much more.

Health Insurance Quoting Software for the Modern World

We live in an instant age and Insurance Skout provides you with instant quotes. But today’s employers want more than just quotes. They are looking for assistance in other areas as well like: medical benefit information, census management and so much more.

File folders and spreadsheets will no longer do the job. To be successful in today’s benefits market you need a system to manage your data and allow you access to lightning fast quotes. The Insurance Skout platform can easily handle these tasks in a way that will save you time and money.

Platform Highlights

Spreadsheets can only get you so far.


Get ahead of the competition with instant quoting capability. Create quotes for your small business clients in just minutes, rather than waiting days for the insurance carriers to send them. Insurance Skout enables you to provide essential rate and plan information to your clients faster than your competitors.


Does your health insurance brokerage have multiple agents? Our team features allows agents to work together in a collaborative and streamlined manner. Updates made by any agent will be reflected immediately to all other teammates making the process intuitive and efficient.


Our platform creates stylish, easy-to understand, benefit & price comparison proposals with the push of a button. You choose the carriers and plans, press the download button and you’re ready to meet with the client. Yes, it’s really that easy. Check out our Demos section to see for yourself.


With Insurance Skout general agents have access to all of their broker’s down-line employer, employee and sales data. You can run quotes for your brokers, view their activity and even offer them a discount on the site fee.


With an increasing number of large companies entering the employee benefits market, independent health insurance brokers are facing an ever-growing challenge to meet their clients’ needs. Our platform can help you level the playing field, making you more valuable to your employer groups than ever before.


While other quoting platforms charge as much as $399 per agent. Insurance Skout allows entire agencies to access nearly all of our platform’s powerful features for as low as $19.99 per month. Check out our pricing page for more details. 

Getting Started

Let us show you how quick and easy it is to set up a group and upload a census. Want to learn more about Insurance Skout? Schedule a demo today.